Overview of Program

The Harvard Quantum Optics Center (HQOC) aims to foster research and education in quantum optical science. We support interdisciplinary research and educational activities in fundamental and applied sciences involving light-matter interactions, ultra-cold matter, quantum sensing, metrology, quantum control, and new, related interfaces with chemistry, biology, and information science. We also aid in the support of areas of condensed matter research that have some connection to quantum optics. HQOC is currently wholly supported by Harvard University. To further the aims of the Center, there are several supported programs. These include a funding program for collaborative SEAS-FAS research and a Prize Postdoctoral fellowship program, which seeks to attract the most talented researchers to Harvard to collaborate with our faculty. We also aim to increase the connections between Harvard researchers and those associated with the Max Planck, IQQI, and ETCH Institutes in Europe, all world-renowned centers of quantum optics excellence. In addition to these programs, there are also resources to support innovative programs for undergraduate research and other short-term visitors, including seminar speakers. HQOC currently supports the weekly Condensed Matter Theory Seminar. If you want to help with these programs, please contact the Director, Prof. John Doyle. The governance of the Center consists of the Director and a Scientific Board, chaired by Prof. Mikhail Lukin and whose membership is Profs. Roy Glauber, Evelyn Hu, Markus Greiner, Eugene Demler, Hongkun Park and Marko Loncar.