The Harvard Quantum Optics Center (HQOC) aims to foster research and education in quantum optical science. We support interdisciplinary research and educational activities in fundamental and applied sciences involving light-matter interactions, ultra-cold matter, quantum sensing, metrology, quantum control, and new, related interfaces with chemistry, biology, and information science. We also aid in the support of areas of condensed matter research that have some connection to quantum optics.

A diamond nanowire single-photon source

Thomas M. Babinec, Birgit J. M. Hausmann, Mughees Khan, Yinan Zhang, Jeronimo R. Maze, Philip R. Hemmer and Marko Loncar, Nature Nanotechnology 5, 195 – 199 (2010)

The development of a robust light source that emits one photon at a time will allow new technologies such as secure communication through quantum cryptography. Devices based on fluorescent dye molecules, quantum dots and carbon nanotubes have been demonstrated, but none has combined a high singlephoton flux with stable, room-temperature operation...
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Gap-mode plasmonic nanocavity

Kasey J. Russell and Evelyn L. Hu, Applied Physics Letters v. 97, p. 163115 (2010)

In this work we describe the fabrication and characterization of a plasmonic nanocavity formed in the narrow gap between a Ag nanowire and a flat Ag substrate. The fluorescence spectrum of nanocrystals within the gap was strongly modified by the cavity modes, showing peaks of position and width Q30–60 in quantitative agreement with numerical calculations...
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