The Harvard Quantum Optics Center (HQOC) aims to foster research and education in quantum optical science. We support interdisciplinary research and educational activities in fundamental and applied sciences involving light-matter interactions, ultra-cold matter, quantum sensing, metrology, quantum control, and new, related interfaces with chemistry, biology, and information science. We also aid in the support of areas of condensed matter research that have some connection to quantum optics.

Boson Sampling for Quantum Simulation of Molecular Vibrations

Joonsuk Huh, Gian-Giacomo Guerresci, Borja Peropadre, Jarrod Mcclean, Alan Aspuru-Guzik

Quantum computers are expected to be more efficient in performing certain computations than any classical machine. Unfortunately, the technological challenges associated with building a full-scale quantum computer have not yet allowed the experimental verification of such an expectation...
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A nanoscale interface for photons and cold atoms

Thibault Peyronel, Crystal Senko, Polnop Samutpraphoot, Manuel Endres, Alexander Kiessling, Jeff Thompson, Tobias Tiecke, Vladan Vuletic, Mikhail Lukin

Strong coherent interactions between light and matter are an essential ingredient for quantum technologies. We developed a novel experimental platform in which a single cold atom is trapped in the evanescent mode of a nano-fabricated optical cavity...
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Stabilizing the false vacuum: Mott skyrmions

M. Kanász-Nagy, B. Dóra, E. A. Demler and G. Zaránd
Scientific Reports 5, 7692 (2015)

Topological excitations keep fascinating physicists since many decades. While individual vortices and solitons emerge and have been observed in many areas of physics, their most intriguing higher dimensional topological relatives, skyrmions (smooth, topologically stable textures) and magnetic monopoles emerging almost necessarily in any grand unified theory and responsible for charge quantization remained mostly elusive...
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